Imagine having the power to change lives every day. As a client of SD Business Management, you can have that power. The Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1) programme is effortless and so beautifully simple: you do business with us, some real good gets done. You get to see the tangible impact your giving has on people, and the world is a better place. We love helping people all over the world.  We start with you, and your business – and together we move on to helping those with very basic needs, such as water, food, santitation and education. Better yet, B1G1 charities are selected for their effectiveness, so you can be sure that 100% of your giving goes to the people in need rather than on administrative costs. Doesn’t that sound good?






“A Conversation that Matters”




Click here to view Stephen Docherty’s interview with Paul Dunn (Chairman of B1G1) in “A Conversation that Matters”. In this recording of the live event that took place in May 2015, Stephen and Paul discuss building a better, more connected business with transformative business ideas that really do make an impact.






B1G1 Imagine




 Imagine every time your business sold something, something great  happened too. 

 To view B1G1’s video on positively impacting the world one  transaction at a time, click “IMAGINE






Click on the Business for Good Map below to view our giving impacts across the globe.