Inheritance Tax Planning

Keeping it in the family

People generally think of Inheritance Tax as a tax on the “rich”; however increasing numbers are being caught in its net.

However, it may be possible to make use of tax planning opportunities available to reduce the potential Inheritance Tax on your Estate.

Our service has been designed to give you complete peace of mind that your wishes will be respected, your loved ones will get more money, and everything will be made as easy as possible for your family.


In order to achieve this we would carry out an Inheritance Tax Health Check, a comprehensive report which is tailored to your specific circumstances. This includes:

  1. A Personal Balance Sheet. This means that you will have a full record of your assets and investments so that nothing gets missed.
  2. We will retain a copy of your Personal Balance Sheet in your file so that it is always to hand. This document can be extremely useful when applying for a bank loan or mortgage.
  3. We will calculate any potential Inheritance Tax liability based on the information contained in your Personal Balance Sheet.
  4. We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the Health Check Report and talk you through our recommendations to reduce any potential Inheritance Tax liability.
  5. We will prepare a plan of action based on our recommendations.