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Follow the link below to download the latest edition of Business Bitesize: “One Goal Not Two” 

B Bitesize

How come some businesses thrive in the face of competitive chaos and turbulent change whilst others stutter and stall?

Fail to be single-minded about the ‘one main thing’ in your firm and you’ll be defeated by the ravages of change within your industry.

Business Bitesize One Goal Not Two



Follow the link below to download Business Bitesize: “Less Waste – More Profit” 

It’s so frustraBusiness Bitesize Avoid Wasting Profit Imageting when you’re told that you should be working ‘smarter’ not ‘harder’.
But what are the practical proven insights on how exactly you can work smarter?

Manage the 7 wastes out of your business and you’ll become lean and make more money.

Business Bitesize Less Waste – More Profit



Follow the link below to download Business Bitesize: “Profitable Goals”

Business Bitesize Goal Setting  Image

Use goals to give yourself focus.
Use goals to guide your actions and achieve greater success.
Ignore goal-setting and you’ll achieve less than you could.

Make ‘stretch’ goals and plans part of your daily or weekly routines and watch your business thrive.

Business Bitesize Profitable Goals


Follow the link below to download Business Bitesize: “Guarantee Success”

Guarantee Success

Your competition is stiffer than you think.
Your ability to win a sale is harder than you think.
So how do you compel customers to buy from you instead of your competition?

Use successful guarantees and you tip the balance in your favour.
A strong guarantee means buyers choose you rather than your competitors.

Business Bitesize Guarantee Success